The Great Pyramids

Cairo, Egypt - Photography by Mehboob Kamadia


Sijilmasa - Mehboob Kamadia on site briefing on the Rise of the Ismaili Fatimids

Photo credit: Imtyaz Isani





Exceptional Journeys

Led by Mehboob Kamadia


What Children, University students, Young professionals, Adults &

Aged Parents Say about Mehboob Kamadia & the exceptional journeys he leads...  


1.      The tours designed, directed and escorted by Mehboob Kamadia somehow need to be widely recognized, appreciated and promoted by each one of us. - Sameena, United States of America


2.     Professional Speaks Out: "Only the very fortunate get to travel with Mehboob Kamadia. We are so privileged to have an individual in our Jamat [Community] who offers his services in order to enrich our knowledge. You cannot put a value on his 'scholarship touch' which comes along with his tours. He is an individual who loves to share his knowledge with extreme enthusiasm." - Gulnar, Vancouver


3.      Institutional Leader Speaks Out: "First, we all want to thank you very much for organizing an out of the world trip for us; it was a very memorable experience for all of us, and a very happy time. ... all the tour guides were terrific. Everything went very smoothly and your organization and itinerary was superb!" - Dr. Karim, Toronto


4.      "Everyone has their own journey and for me I am grateful for being a part of the tour that Mehboob Kamadia organized by him taking us to Mecca and Medina and along the way showing us Istanbul."


"Mehboob is obviously very informed which was wonderful for us. The hotels were excellent, the company of many people that I was privileged with and most important of all Mehboob himself. Mehboob is a man who is passionate and knowledgeable about his work, dedicated, organized and very well mannered, sincere, responsible, kind and caring - All the qualities that make for a great human being and these are what make Mehboob good at what he does." - Nooshin, Vancouver


5.      Young Professional Narrates Her Travel Experience: "Dear Mehboob, Thank you for the memorable experience that was Egypt! To be in a country that holds so much history was truly an experience of a lifetime. All of the cities, sights and events from Alexandria, Cairo, the famous Pyramids in Giza, the Aga Khan Mausoleum in Aswan, the Nile Cruise, each had something unique to offer which will remain etched in my memory for life."


"You so generously shared your vast and deep knowledge of the Pharaonic, Judeo-Christian, Islamic as well as Ismaili Fatimid history of Egypt, for which I am truly thankful. You also ensured that we were well looked after in the way of comfortable accommodation, travelling and meals, which were all excellent."


"The guides you chose were obviously experts in their field who took personal pride in showing us their country’s great historic sights."


"The in-depth talks you gave to the group upon the various faiths were truly insightful, leaving us wanting to learn more. Once again, Mehboob, thank you for sharing your knowledge, and for the experience that was Egypt." - Nimet, Calgary


6.      Experiencing trough a lens of a Single Mother: "What a magnificent TRIP to Turkey and Holy land. Mehboob Kamadia's organization with his humbleness and down to earth personality was excellent. Mehboob Kamadia's tremendous knowledge and his Turkish and Holy Land tour guides were very knowledgeable. My feelings for Turkey and Holy Land and people there will remain with me forever. Thanks very much; hope to embark on another journey."  Zera, Vancouver


7.      Parents relate Impressions of their Journey to the Fatimid Egypt: "Aswan, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Luxor, Sharm el-Sheik, St. Catherine, Cairo and Alexandria were all interesting cities to visit especially when you know HISTORY is with you"


"Mehboob Kamadia is the best person I have ever met on my travel. He is well educated and had all the research needed for this tour. We got more than what we expected."


"If God gives me opportunities to travel in the future, I will do so with Mehboob because he is truly the best tour director I have ever met and genuinely knowledgeable. My wife too shares the same views." Sultan, Edmonton


8.      University Student Shares Her Impressions: "From the busy streets of Cairo, to the historical wonders of Luxor; from the dazzling city of Sharm El-Sheikh, to the serene beauty of Aswan, the Glorious Egypt tour specially made for the Legends of Congo was by far the most exuberant and educational trip that I have ever been on!  In other words, my journey to Egypt was unquestionably a journey and experience of a lifetime.


"...We traveled by air, bus, hovercraft, sailboat, all terrain vehicles (ATV) and by camels in the desert, giving us an unparalleled opportunity to experience the diverse scenery."


"My journey to Egypt was unique because Mehboob Kamadia, a specialist in the Study of Religion, was leading this Glorious Egypt tour. Despite having fractured his foot in the middle of the trip, Mehboob uncle did everything in his powers to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of each individual in the group. He made every excursion an opportunity to learn new things about the history of Egypt and especially Islam. I definitely look forward in traveling with Mehboob uncle in the future!" - Natasha, University Student, Toronto


9.      Reaching to Youths: "Our two children - Shereen and Raheem, took away much more than a cultural experience.  They were truly touched by our Ismaili history and heritage.  Mehboob's on-site lectures and detailed follow-up discussions after dinner made a very strong impact on their understanding of Muslim society and the rich and colourful Ismaili history. They are truly proud of their heritage and the contributions Ismailis and our Imams made to the world from Egypt."


"...Reaching a 15 and 16 year old in a profound way about their religion, culture and their place in society is a very significant achievement." - Karim & Shairoz, Toronto


10. "...The guides that accompanied Mehboob were truly experts in their field and the knowledge gained on Pharonic and Christian Egypt was very educational. Mehboob facilitated a profound experience for our family.  The accommodations, transportation and tour guides were all first-rate!  Bravo to Mehboob!"


Post-Script:  "Please inform Mehboob that we still cherish the memories and the experiences he facilitated.  In particular, Mehboob's network in Egypt allowed us an 'insider' tour of the Azhar Park in Cairo and our beloved Sultan Mohammed Shah's mausoleum in Aswan. We look forward to joining you to Syria in the near future." - Karim & Shairoz, Toronto


11. An 8 Years Old Shares her experience:


"J'ai  beaucoup aime mon voyage en Egypte avec mes parents et leurs amis. J'ai beaucoup appris avec Mehboob uncle sur l'Egypte en visitant des places importantes comme les Pyramides et le musoleum de Mowlana Sultan Muhammad Shah , et j'en garderai un bon souvenir toute ma vie. J'ai meme visite les momies au musee, qui m'ont fait passer des nuits blanches au debut... Les statues immenses, les places culturelles m'ont laisse une trace dans mon coeur. Je remercie Mehboob uncle d'avoir organise ce beau voyage. 




"I very much enjoyed my trip to Egypt with my parents and their friends. I learnt a lot from Mehboob uncle on Egypt by visiting important places like the Pyramids and Mawlana Sultan Muhammad Shah's Mausoleum. I will treasure the memories of this trip for my entire life. I saw the mummies in the Museum which haunted me at nights in the beginning...The gigantic statues and cultural places have left permanent imprints in my heart. I thank Mehboob uncle for organizing this wonderful journey." - Anika, South Africa


12. Impressions from 10 Years Old Canadian: "...One of the favourite parts of my trip was when we went to St. Catherine and I climbed till the top of the mountain. It was just amazing! ...My most favourite part of Egypt was Sharm-el-Sheikh. The hotel there was just awesome!! I enjoyed relaxing in the balcony facing the ocean and eating the delicious chicken and fries! :)"


"...Another place that I enjoyed going to was Alexandria. The library there was just beautiful and we also saw the ruins of a roman amphitheatre there. In Cairo, we visited the Al-Azhar and Imam Hakim mosques and one of the old Cairo gates built by our Fatimid Imams." - Imran, Toronto


13. A Teenager's Experience in terms of Baitul Ilm teachings: "Now I can really picture the stories in my Baitul Ilm text books [published by the Institute of Ismaili Studies] about the Fatimid empire centred in Cairo. ...One of the best parts of going to Cairo was visiting the Al-Azhar Park. We went two times - once in the daytime and once at night..."


"Mehboob uncle and the rest of the group were really nice and got me a surprise birthday cake and presents on my birthday. I will always remember my 10th birthday and spending it on a wonderful trip of Egypt." 


14. Reaching to University Students: "We had very, very high expectations before we began our travels with Mehboob and I am so glad to say that Mehboob Kamadia exceeded ALL our expectations. To partake in his knowledge for one hour is better than reading a thousand books-This is how my family feels about Mehboob Kamadia. We as parents are so happy that our children [University Students] had the opportunity to benefit from our tour with Mehboob. May God bless him and his family-ALWAYS." - Alnoor, Canada


15. Canadian Student reveals His Travel Experiences: "Our journey to Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Paris was excellent. Ancient pyramids, the Al-Azhar Park, the Sphinx, and castles of Syria, were the best. Being a part of Mehboob's trip was great experience."


"These parts of the world opened my eyes to a new world. I learned the history of Egyptian civilization, Islam and Ismailis. Together we discovered the centuries old history in a matter of days."


"The luxurious accommodation and transportation added to my enjoyment. Most of all the entertainment of belly dancers and night shows were amazing. In the future, I hope to take this trip once again." - Mohammed, Toronto


16. "We were genuinely impressed with Mehboob Kamadia's efficient management of the tour [of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Turkey & France], resourcefulness, calm demeanour, and concern for detail in meeting the needs of the tour participants. His associates and guides in the region were also well-versed in their respective fields and were friendly and helpful. This trip will remain indelibly etched in our memory."  - Nurjahan, Toronto


17. "There is no doubt that my trip was a lifetime opportunity to explore Egypt and Mehboob is an excellent tour director with a lot of knowledge. As a person, Mehboob's attitude towards myself was very "very kind"; his performance was not 10 out of 10 but "Excellent 10" and his knowledge too was not 10 out of 10 but "Excellent 10"."- Sultan, Edmonton


18. "IRC’s educational, insightful and fun Cruise: 'Voyage of the Century' will forever remain as a highlight of my life. Thanks to Mehboob Kamadia for this wonderful experience, a lifetime journey and knowledge. We will treasure the memory of this 'Voyage of the Century' forever." - Hyder, Atlanta


19. "Mehboob Kamadia is truly an exceptional and a multitalented scholar. He is a skilful lecturer, an intellectual, a historian and a guru (teacher). His presentations were clear evidence of his mastery over topics and themes which are related to Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, science, politics, etc. This mastery of outstanding and unique knowledge combined with his imposing and charming personality separates Mehboob from the rest of contemporary Ismaili scholars. Is there any wonder why Mehboob Kamadia turns into an instant celebrity?" - Hyder, Atlanta


20. "Experiencing history through the eyes and the wisdom of a scholar who shared his knowledge whole heartedly was heart warming.  We thank Mehboob Kamadia for the wonderful way he organized the tour and it was obvious that it was very well planned. We enjoyed each and every place that we visited - Alexandria, the pyramids, Aswan, the temples, forts and castles. We feel very fortunate that we came back with so much awareness and at the same time had so much fun.  Thank you!!!" - Amir & Rozy (Calgary)


21. "It was vividly evident to us very early on in the trip [to Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey & France] that Mehboob Kamadia's scholastic background coupled with his role as a tour director was an invaluable asset. It provided us with a unique perspective on the places we visited - an in-depth look as one might say. - Nizar, Toronto


22. "It was a joy to be with Mehboob Kamadia. He has a tremendous zeal and abiding passion to give to others of his knowledge and insight gained over the years through his scholarly research." - Nizar, Toronto


23. "It has been a long time since we were in Turkey but the memories are still there. The tour of Turkey was a feast for body, mind and soul. The Turkish cuisine was delicious. The visits to mosques and palaces as well as the commentary of Murat was so informative and last but not the least, the landscapes of Cappadocia and Pammukale were most inspiring."


"We really enjoyed the company of our fellow travelers and the pearls of knowledge and wisdom Mehboob Kamadia shared with us." - Lutaf and Mali (former President of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan Council)


24. "I am also very pleased to say that Mehboob selects the candidates for his tours very thoughtfully, which really adds a very warm, professional and family-like environment for everyone on the tour to enjoy. By the end of his tours, it almost feels sad to part from the group. We have always found Mehboob to be very patient and professional and certainly very caring for all his participants. We are looking forward to future travels with Mehboob." - Gulnar & Alnoor, West Vancouver


25. "My Journey of lifetime to Egypt was for sure the best trip of my lifetime.  Mehboob Kamadia’s mastery in taking us to very unique places was incredible. ...Thanks to Mehboob Kamadia for organizing the tour and thanks to his wife Khadija for saving us a ton of money by using her exceptional bargaining skills while shopping for gifts and mementos. The jokes, fun and laughter will be echoing in our ears for a long time. 'Mashi'"


Post-Script: "Please inform Mehboob Kamadia that we still can’t stop bragging about our lovely trip." - Yasmin, London 


26. "The Grand Tour of Egypt organized by Mehboob Kamadia was one of the best in my travels around the world.  Compared to other tours of Egypt, the uniqueness of this tour was that along with other historical landmarks it had a focus on Fatimid contributions and pointers." - Dr. Chagla, Canada


27. "Mehboob Kamadia took personal interest in explaining areas like: Imam Al-Muizz Street, Imam Al-Hakim’s Mosque, the Fatimid uniqueness of architecture while visiting Al-Azhar Mosque and Fatimid burial places in Aswan. Egypt is a land of many cultures and so much to see but Mehboob organized the tour in such a way that we kept the balance between sights seeing and relaxation time at Sharm El-Sheikh."


"...The bonus of our tour was that during any downtime we took advantage of Mehboob’s intellectual repository and he was so generous in sharing his wisdom and scholarly knowledge on comparative religion and spirituality. We had a very good group and we are making sure to keep the 'new friendships' alive and well for which we thank Mehboob."


"Inshallah, we are looking forward for another great trip in the future with Mehboob." - Dr. Chagla (Canada)


28. "My wife and I had an opportunity to travel to Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Paris, France with Mehboob Kamadia and several other participants sometime back and I am happy to state that this was one of the best travels we had taken in our lifetime. Mehboob's knowledge about the middle east countries is fantastic and to be honest we not only enjoyed our trip but also learned a lot. If ever we get another chance to go anywhere we will make it a point to travel with Mehboob and no-one else." -  Rehman, Toronto


29. "Our journey with Mehboob Kamadia to five interesting countries [Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Sinai, Egypt] as well as Holy land was incredible. It was a mind body and soul enriching experience. This trip has encouraged us to seek more knowledge and understand our faith in depth. For this opportunity I pray for your success and more such trips in the future." - Gulshan & Hassan, Toronto


30. "It was an awesome journey to Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Holy Land, Palestine, & Egypt. It was truly a pilgrimage and a journey of a lifetime." - Rashida, Edmonton


31. "My family's experience with Mehboob Kamadia last spring was incredible and I have never thanked Mehboob Kamadia for that. ...she experienced a part of her history that she will never forget.  Mehboob Kamadia makes a difference in peoples' lives and that is something he should be aware." - Dr. Rajwani, Toronto


32. FROM AUSTRALIA: "My Mum is still talking about her trip [to Egypt, Jordan, Syria & Turkey]. Thanks to Mehboob Kamadia for taking such great care of her." - Nooreen, Australia


33. "Thank you so very much to Mehboob Kamadia for taking such good care of my parents. They haven't been able to stop talking about how much they enjoyed their tour of Egypt. In fact, both my parents now think of this trip as the trip of their lifetime, having learnt so much from Mehboob Kamadia's incredible knowledge base. Thanks to Mehboob Kamadia again for showing them such a wonderful time and teaching them so much. They enjoyed this tour more than they were expecting to especially because they learnt so much from Mehboob.” - Nimira, Ottawa


34. "Unlike all my previous tours, Mehboob Kamadia's tour is incomparable. ...I felt I was travelling with my own close family members. In Mehboob Kamadia's tour I achieved inner pleasure and satisfaction;  its fragrance continues to linger" - Nurbanu (Aged Parent, Toronto)


35. TOUR to MECCA & MEDINA: "My trip to Mecca and Medina was like a dream come true. This trip was possible because of my family. When I was standing in front of the Masjid in Medina, late at night (would go sleep after midnight and get up early), I just couldn't believe that was me standing there, it was such a magical moment for me to visit to many places."


"I think very highly of Mehboob Kamadia; he is blessed. Mehboob is a book of knowledge in itself. Mehboob Kamadia is a great scholar, I have infinite praises for him My whole lifestyle is beginning to dwell more on his talks, very enlightening, there isn't enough of what we grasped throughout our trip to Mecca, Medina and Turkey. I look forward in listening to his lectures and participate in his future tours if possible. I wish Mehboob a lot of success." - Rozy, Vancouver


36. "We wanted to take this opportunity to convey our most sincere appreciation for Mehboob Kamadia's guidance during our recent trip to Egypt. Mehboob was a perfect host and made the experience most memorable - definitely a once in a lifetime journey!"  - Karim & Shairoz (Toronto)


37. "We were most impressed with Mehboob's extensive and expert knowledge of the Ismaili Fatimid dynasty of Egypt.  As Ismailis we were particularly interested in our history." - Karim & Shairoz (Toronto)


38. TOUR to MECCA & MEDINA: "On my 56th birthday in April 2012, my lifelong dream of doing holy umrah in Mecca, Saudi Arabia came true with the grace, mercy and blessings of Mawla Ali and secondly my husband Zul. Travelling with Mehboob Kamadia, MK to me, was something I have yearned to do so since 2005. MK's immense and vast religious knowledge prepared us to understand the religious significance of such an event. This holy pilgrimage to Medina to visit Masjid-e-Nabwi and holy sites and the sight of the Holy Kaaba - birth place of Mawla Ali, doing tawaaf around the Kaaba, safa and marwah, the utter peace and joy, the inner happiness of this special time in the Haram (Mosque) is now forever etched in my heart." - Samira, Calgary


39. "Travelling with MK is an exceptional experience in itself, the religious knowledge MK imparts to the group on a daily basis, his professionalism, attention to detail, the confidentiality and thoroughness of his itinerary is phenomenal. This experience of holy umrah with MK will remain with me forever. I am so grateful and with MK's inspirational advise, I will attempt to increase my knowledge of Islam and Ismailism."


"All hotels are 5 star deluxe and their locations are very good. Looking forward to complete the Turkey tour and begin my Holy Land tour. Will definitely travel with MK group in the future!" - Samira, Calgary


40. "Absolutely Heavenly in Marmaris and Bodrum. Beautiful hotels, serene resorts and doses of inspirational and enlightening words of wisdom - Mehboob Kamadıa did it all - Thank You! - Gulshan & Hassan, Toronto


41. "It has been a pleasure to travel with Mehboob Kamadia to Turkey and Holy Land. The trip was fun and also very educating with Mehboob's fantastic knowledge and his company. I have travelled several times in the past with Mehboob and have never been disappointed. Again thank you very much to Mehboob for a wonderful time. Hopefully to do India with Mehboob in the near future." -  Anaar, Vancouver


42. TOUR to MECCA & MEDINA: "Our journey to Mecca & Medina, Turkey and Holy Land was very well planned, organized and executed. Shirin and I enjoyed the trip thoroughly; it was a heart touching and eye opening to visit the holy land and perform the tawaaf."


"I know that Mehboob Kamadia has worked very hard and he has delivered to all of us a journey that can be described as a dream of lifetime fulfilled - dream that was satisfying, pleasant, flamboyant, slapstick comic and fulfilling to the mind and soul. We had the good fortune to be with friendly people, excellent & knowledgeable guides and special attention from Mehboob Kamadia and his son Mohammed Kamadia."


"Thanks so much to Mehboob Kamadia for all his excellent services, lectures and briefings which were satisfying to our minds and souls. With regards and prayers." -  Amir & Shirin, Calgary


43. "Amina and I would, sincerely, like to thank Mehboob Kamadia for the wonderful time we had in Turkey, Mecca/Medina & the Holy Land. Every day was a different and exceptional experience, enhanced by the humour and historical facts that you and your professional guides displayed and inspired upon the group."


"The quality of hotels, areas visited as per the itinerary and the overall energy among the group facilitated the enjoyment of the tour even greater. For us, both, being in Pammukkale, at the World Heritage Site, being at the Holy Kaba in Mecca and being in Masjid Nabawi in Madinah were the highlights of our tour. Thank you for accommodating everyones wants and needs on the tour. It was also a pleasure meeting Mehboob Kamadia and his family members." - Dr. Diamond & Amina, Toronto


44. "Thanks to Mehboob Kamadia for a most memorable spiritual and enlightening tour all around, one that I will never ever forget in my lifetime. Our special time in Mecca/Medina, Turkey and visits to the Holy Land, and Mehboob's remarkable expert knowledge that he graciously imparted to the group has left an everlasting affect on me personally - one that I will strive to keep alive and work on henceforth." -  Zul, Calgary


45. "There are some places in the world where we have decided, my wife and I, that we shall travel with Mehboob Kamadia ONLY...beginning with his style of “setting up the stage” and for preparing oneself for the areas you are about to visit, so that you can achieve a very satisfying experience." - Gulnar & Alnoor, West Vancouver


46. TOUR to MECCA & MEDINA: "On our most recent tour of Mecca and Medina for example, we learnt from Mehboob that the Prophet's divine mission endured for some 23 years (13 in Mecca; 10 in Medina)."


47. "To travel back in time, Mehboob provided a wealth of narratives featuring the Prophet, Imam Ali, Imam Husayn, Pir Hasan, Bibi Fatima (Lady of Paradise), Imam Muhammad al-Baqir, Imam Jaffer as-Sadiq and the early Shias like Abuzar Ghifari, Salman Farsi, Kambar, Malik Ushtar and many others. Mehboob expressed these narratives in such a manner that we felt that as if we were were living in Medina with our most beloved Prophet and Imams. And that is how my wife and I felt about our experience." - Gulnar & Alnoor, West Vancouver


48. A Note of Gratitude - May 2012 "I met with my parents yesterday and they shared memories, details and thoughts regarding the most recent journey they shared with Mehboob Kamadia and his family. As always, they had nothing but praise. They had a wonderful time and now have - yet more memories (shared with Mehboob) that will last a lifetime."


Mehboob Kamadia's uncompromised patience, guidance, kindness, respect and most of all generosity was not only noted, it was very much appreciated. In addition to this, I was at peace knowing they were embarking on this journey with Mehboob and his family.


From an intellectual perspective, Mehboob Kamadia's sharing of knowledge with my parents allows them to approach, understand and process the doctrines of Islam beyond a knowledge forum that is "conventional".


To Mehboob Kamadia: I am to understand that Mehboob's family was also very kind and generous in connection to their respect, kindness and hospitality. Please convey my gratitude and appreciation to them. We hope (Insha'Allah) to see Mehboob and his family in the near future such that we can finally meet and attempt to reciprocate the uncompromised hospitality and courtesies that Mehboob always extends to us.


Once again, our gratitude and our most sincere prayers - for 'every happiness' to Mehbob Kamadia and his family." - Ali, Edmonton


49. TOUR to MECCA & MEDINA by Dr. Mohamed & Nazeera: "We have just completed the trip of a lifetime with Mehboob Kamadia, the highlight of which was the Umrah in Mecca and Medina, the memory of which will be stamped in our minds and within our hearts forever."


"We were looking to celebrate an important occasion in our lives in an especially poignant way when we came to know of this trip, and we felt this would be an ideal way to make this occasion of ours a memorable one."

"Even if we had wished or tried we could never have planned an itinery as rich, exclusive and sacred as this one that Mehboob had planned that included Mecca, Medina , Turkey and the Holy Land. We felt as if a divine power was presenting this divinely planned trip of Mehboob's to us on a Silver Platter!"


"Mehboob's expertise in the knowledge of our Ismaili History in these lands combined with his selection of top notch guides in each of these countries has educated us far more in this last month than any secular classes ever did. Not only has he awakened the scholar in us to want to know more about our past history, he has also brought to life our Imams, Pirs and Dais, and made us realise the major roles they have played and the many sacrifices they have made in where we Ismailis are today. His choice of 5* deluxe hotels strategically located very near our itinerary's visiting sites for our comfort and convenience was the icing on the cake!"

"As if all this was not enough, Mehboob went out of his way most evenings to spare a couple of hours of his own precious free time to enlighten us more about the places we visited from an Ismaili point of view. Very often he also did this whilst standing for hours in the coach as we drove from one place to another. His immense wealth of knowledge just made us thirst for more and more, and he always happily obliged, never disappointing us."


"Mehboob also brought his family along, and we travelled as one big family as we got to know one another. He went beyond the call of duty as he catered to our various needs, wishes, expectations and idiosyncrasies that ranged from needing to text our families, to sometimes shopping for ever, to taking our pictures for us with our cameras, and to even, as in our case, looking for mini dv cassettes----- for that, and for tolerating us all, thanks a million to Mehboob."


"It has been a richly rewarding trip for us, and we look forward to inshallah going with Mehboob on many more future trips. May Mowla bless Mehboob and his family for all the hard work that they have put in to make this trip so memorable for us. Ameen." -  Dr Mohamed & Nazeera, Edmonton


50. "We have no words to express the wonderful way Mehboob Kamadia organized and planned this exceptional journey to 6 countries: Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Holy Land, Sinai, etc.."


"...The unique spiritual dimension of the trip is beyond description. ... The dosage of rare knowledge provided by Mehboob Kamadia was very appeasing to the intellect and the spirit."


" ... We are more knowledgeable about our Islamic and Ismaili history after this journey which took us to the roots of Judaism, Christianity & Islam. We were very fortunate to know more about Prophet Abraham and his two sons Ishmael and Isaac. ... Mehboob, we both thank you from bottom of our hearts for the journey of lifetime." - Badur, Edmonton


51. University Student Narrates Her Encounters: "Our trip to Egypt was the most exciting trip of my life; it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Mehboob uncle is an exceptional scholar-guide who, with his vast knowledge of Islam and ancient Egypt, incorporated history, religion, culture and TONS of entertainment into the trip. The trip was not only entertaining, but very educational as well. We experienced every aspect of Egypt without missing out on anything!"


"Our trip included, but was not limited to: a magnificent boat cruise on the Nile River, 4 relaxing days on the beach in a luxury 5-star hotel in Sharm-El-Sheikh, a spiritual pilgrimage to Sultan Muhammad Shah's Mausoleum in Aswan, visits to the pyramids, sphinx, Cairo museum, and so much more."


"The trip was magnificently planned, and all in all, was absolutely outstanding! Mehboob uncle thank you for such wonderful memories that will last a lifetime! " - Shazmin, University Student, Toronto


52. "Mehboob's talks on Islam, Ismaili Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism and history helped me to meaningfully explore Egypt and appreciate its magnificent history and culture. If I were to rate Mehboob's knowledge and performance, he ranks highest in the scale of evaluation. His attitude as a Tour Director would also be similar." - Wazir, Vancouver


53. "Our trip to Egypt was definitely the most remarkable trip ever. We visited all the major cities and tourist sites without missing out on anything. The Great Pyramids in Cairo, Sultan Mohammad Shah’s Mausoleum in Aswan, the beautiful beaches in Sharm-El Sheikh, the temples in Luxor, and so much more!!"


"Mehboob Kamadia was a great asset to the trip as he has extensive knowledge regarding the religion, history, and culture. The trip was also very well organized, as Mehboob worked really hard to have everything planned out (from meals to entertainment to transportation); we didn’t have to worry about anything! Mehboob is a very kind person, and he took great care of all of us on the trip; he did his best to make sure we enjoyed ourselves. He is an excellent tour director, and I would love to travel with Mehboob again. This trip was without doubt the best trip I have ever been on, and definitely a once in a lifetime experience!" - Azmina, Toronto


54. "The whole tour to Egypt, Jordan, Syria & Turkey was organised so well and enjoyable. Looking after every individual's comfort with always a smiling face makes you feel whole heartedly welcome. The way Mehboob Kamadia shares his wisdom and knowledge of history with elders and youngsters alike is truly remarkable and admirable. I came back with lots of happiness, pleasure, knowledge and even made new friends during this most memorable trip of my lifetime. I would not miss a guided tour led by Mehboob Kamadia in the near future."  - Gulshan, Australia


55. "It was with great anticipation and excitement that we joined Mehboob Kamadia in the Grand Tour of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey & Paris. ...this extraordinarily wonderful trip provided us with an unprecedented opportunity to experience first-hand part of a fascinating history and in particular relive our glorious Ismaili heritage. An infinitely most satisfying experience was the trip's spiritual dimension which is beyond description. It was also fascinating to witness the vibrancy of the culture and people of these ancient lands - a region rich in history of which one reads in scriptures and dreams of visiting some day." - Nizar (Canada)


56. "Mehboob's talks on Islam, Ismaili Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism and history helped me to meaningfully explore Egypt and appreciate its magnificent history and culture. If I were to rate Mehboob's knowledge and performance, he ranks highest in the scale of evaluation. His attitude as a Tour Director would also be similar." - Nasim (Vancouver)


57. "I Had a very unique and wonderful trip to Egypt and Dubai. Mehboob Kamadia organized this tour so well and it was a pleasure to join this scholar who has an encyclopaedic knowledge. Truly, I had an experience of a life time with Mehboob which I will never forget. ...I look forward in joining future IRC tours led by Mehboob in order have more of life time experiences." - Noorjahan, Vancouver


58. "My parents and I really enjoyed our stay in Egypt and Dubai.  Our trip was organized very well, and Mehboob did an amazing job explaining the history of all the sites we visited from an Islamic point of view."  - Raheem, Calgary


59. "I have gone on two trips with Mehboob so far and intend to go on many more Inshallah. As per my personal experience I found the excursions and the caliber and the knowledge of the guides that he provided extremely valuable and also authentic. The accommodation and the flexibility accorded was comforting. Transportation was very comfortable and the time allocated for excursions was in most cases fulfilling and the most interesting aspect was the excursions included visits to variety of places (churches, synagogues, mosques etc.)."


"Resorts are well researched and hence very enjoyable".


60. "Mehboob Kamadia's 'The Grand Tour of Egypt' was truly a lifetime opportunity to explore Egypt. Out of all the places and sites we visited in Egypt, the Aga Khan Mausoleum was the very best. Words cannot adequately describe what I felt in and around the Aga Khan Mausoleum. There was an electrifying effect as soon as I entered into this sacred ground. After that, a spiritual charge gripped the essence of my being and in no time I experienced spiritual pleasure and ecstasy. My second best place was the glorious Al-Azhar mosque-university, built by the Fatimid Caliph-Imam al-Mu`uizz. It gave me immense satisfaction and pleasure to walk on the grounds the Fatimid Caliph-Imams once walked. I also felt a sense of pride because the Al-Azhar was once a rendez-vous place of great scientists, mystics, philosophers and theologians." - Sultan, Edmonton


61. "Our trip was absolutely wonderful! It will forever remain in our hearts like a beautiful dream that ended swiftly. The beauty of the trip was in your hands - the organizers.  We packed our bags and the rest was taken care of. The whole trip was organized so thoughtfully that it was a joy to be part of the whole group." - Amir & Rozy (Calgary)


62. "My 17 days “Egypt: The Crown of Wonders of the World” Journey was fantastic & wonderful. This journey was the most memorable experience of my life. I have no doubts that Mehboob Kamadia is truly the “GURU” of Egypt.  I am now ready to journey to Jordan, Syria and Turkey with Mehboob Kamadia. The guides were very professional, hotels were impressive, and services with meticulous personal attention was a unique feature of this trip. ...A Christian Egyptian person by the name of Hany prides himself in considering Mehboob Kamadia as his brother and a role model. ...My special thanks to Mehboob Kamadia who fed us with light and heavy dosages of spiritual food throughout the journey. May the 2007 be a year full of happiness for Mehboob Kamadia. May God bless Mehboob Kamadia." - Parviz (Atlanta) 


63. "Dear Mehboob: Over the years we have spent countless hours together. Consequently, I have witnessed your endless pursuit of knowledge and the accompanying intellectual growth. However, the 5 day Western Caribbean Cruise that we took together was indeed a very unique and especially a memorable occasion for both Yasmin and myself."


"We were faced with a difficult situation when we found out that Missionary Abualy was admitted in a hospital and would not be able to join us for the cruise. It would have been humanly impossible for any person to fill the void created by the absence of this legendary figure. However, you rose to the occasion and without any preparation, delivered profoundly inspiring sermons on topics that Missionary Abualy was supposed to cover and much more."


"We were able to experience the best of Din (World of Spirit) and Dunya (World of matter) during this trip. By the time the trip came to an end, your inspirational lectures, besides nourishing the participants' thirst for knowledge, had also created a bond of brotherhood amongst all of us." - Tajdin, Toronto


64. "The 'VOYAGE OF THE CENTURY' Caribbean Cruise was so memorable, glorious and meaningful. This cruise was a pleasure and a blessing.  From the very core of our hearts, our sincere appreciation and thanks goes to all those who worked so hard in the making of this cruise. We enjoyed every moment of this cruise and capitalized on Mehboob Kamadia’s incredible knowledge base." - Sam, Atlanta 


"What is most impressing is the fact that Mehboob Kamadia was able to convey his superb knowledge to elders and youngsters alike in a clever and riveting manner. As a person, Mehboob Kamadia is wonderful, warm and caring. I was deeply touched because Mehboob Kamadia sacrificed his private time, sleep and cruise entertainment in exchange of sharing his knowledge with his brothers and sisters." - Sam, Atlanta


65. "Mehboob Kamadia proved to be a very knowledgeable scholar of Ismaili history and very well versed with the magnificent Ismaili Fatimid era. Mehboob has a lot of energy and worked tirelessly with the group in doing his very best to cover all the historical sights in that part of the world." - Annar, Calgary



66. "We had lots of fun and learning with Mehboob during our 26 days Grand Tour of Egypt, Syria, Jordan & France. Mehboob imparted his knowledge to the group whether we were in the hotels or on the road. At times, Mehboob would provide us with boosters of fun and laughter. Overall it was a great experience and we had lots of fun. Mehboob's associates in Egypt, Jordan and Syria were "awesome" and "very helpful"." - Annar, Calgary  


67. "We visited Egypt with Mehboob Kamadia. The trip was well organized with emphasis on Ismaili perspective. Spiritual pilgrimage to Mawlana Sultan Mohamed Shah’s Mausoleum and a visit to Al –Azar Park were the highlights of our trip to Egypt. The trip was not only "entertaining" but "educational" as well. The hotels were excellent. The four day Nile cruise was very relaxing. We appreciate Mehboob Kamadia’s vast knowledge and his patience in making this trip of a lifetime with a lot of fun, laughter and joy." - Abdul & Gulshan, Toronto 


68. "A dream come true! From Cairo to Sharm-El Sheikh, to Luxor, to Aswan, we got the chance to visit Egypt with a group of old friends from the Congo. We were called 'The Legends'. Among this group, Mehboob Kamadia, our tour director was the biggest asset. The knowledge he provided us on the country, the history, the culture, the religion, each and every places we visited, always adding a touch of Ismailism, was great! We were proud to see the Ismaili influence in this country."


"Mehboob Kamadia did a very good job in organizing the trip, the hotels, the entertainment, the transportation (bus, hovercraft, boat cruise, camels) giving us a diverse scenery. Still today, whenever we hear or talk about Egypt, the memory of this trip with Mehboob Kamadia comes back. Looking forward to visit another historic and cultural place with Mehboob and the 'Legends'." - Shabina, South Africa


69. "The Grand Tour of Egypt led by Mehboob Kamadia was a lifetime opportunity. Mehboob enhanced this journey by relating to various aspects of our Ismaili history in Cairo, Aswan and elsewhere." - Karim, Calgary


70. "Aswan was like dream come true and more. Being at the [Aga Khan] Mausoleum was like being in a different world. The Grand Tour of Egypt was a lifetime opportunity, and I noticed that Mehboob Kamadia worked really hard, sometimes he would just get few hours of sleep. He was always there for me. I would definitely travel again with Mehboob Kamadia. I learnt a lot from Mehboob Kamadia and I still would want to learn more. He is a wonderful person. He did whatever he could do in his power." - Nazneen (Calgary)


71. "...As for Mehboob Kamadia, he has excellent knowledge on Ismali History and he was very good with his presentations. He used to provide us details about the places we visited and its history.  … As a scholar, Mehboob Kamadia has excellent knowledge about all the places we visited and his lectures were very informative. It made the visit very meaningful. My best place was Aswan and the visit to the Mausoleum. It was a dream come true. I don't have any words to describe my feelings. The memory will remain until the last day of my life.” - Zarina, Toronto

72. “Mehboob, keep up the good work. You are imani [faithful] in my humble opinion and I did learn a lot from you about our Imams, Pirs and others who served our Jamat and Imams during difficult times. Not once did I feel that you were fabricating to make a point. I am truly grateful for sharing your wisdom so unselfishly.” - Issa, Florida


73. "I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed my time with your group. I had a blast."


"I would like to show my gratitude for the accommodation, trip perfectly arranged by Mehboob Kamadia. His services for this Omrah trip was professional, excellent, friendly, prompt and helpful beyond my expectations. As a result we never had to worry about any part of the tour. I absolutely enjoyed myself. I will treasure these unforgettable memories. Thank you very much."

















































































































































































































































































Moses Mountain - St. Catherines

Photography by Mehboob Kamadia


The AGA KHAN Mausoleum - Aswan, Egypt

Photography by Mehboob Kamadia


TAJIKISTAN - Photography by Mehboob Kamadia

CANADA - Photography by Mehboob Kamadia

CANADA - Photography by Mehboob Kamadia

CANADA - Photography by Mehboob Kamadia

TURKEY - Photography by Mehboob Kamadia

TURKEY - Photography by Mehboob Kamadia

TURKEY - Photography by Mehboob Kamadia

TURKEY - Photography by Mehboob Kamadia


TAJIKISTAN - Photogrpahy by Mehboob Kamadia


TAJIKISTAN - Golden Jubille 2008


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